Your goals, your talent.
Our personal trainer.

We want you to have the career that makes you happy. Pursue your own goals. Achieve those milestones. We’ll keep you focused and provide you with feedback. We’ll keep track of your growth and give you realtime insights on your progress. This way, you can easily reflect on your performance.

TruQu. The personal trainer for your career.

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Forget about Trial & Error.
We’ll make sure you stay on track.

Set your own goals

You make the rules. Set your own goals and start growing. You know your own horizon, which moon you want to land on. Which skills you want to develop, what your talents are. What you want to achieve or learn. You need help to get you started. With our help you will go the distance.

Feedback, the easy way

In order to grow you need other people. To give you feedback on your performance. Gain insights on your development by asking people for feedback. Our tool helps you to request feedback from colleagues, customers or your manager. Easy does it.

Reflect and grow

You can see your progress in your reports and on your own timeline. Realtime. Always available for you. You can use them to improve yourself but also share them for a conversation with your manager, colleague or customer. Never lose sight of your own goals.

We’ll make it work. Follow your talent.
Improve your performance.

Your personal trainer

We’ll keep you on track. We’ll make sure you are and stay focused. Your goals are too important to get lost. Snowed under. Your talent is too. As your personal trainer, we make sure you keep moving. And enjoying the ride.

Celebrate your milestones

You have real-time insight and can share your progress. Printing a feedback report is a breeze.This way you can easily share and discuss your growth and your personal successes. Celebrate and have those parties.

Own your own data

We believe you will learn throughout your life. From different positions, at different companies. Manage your data, your goals and your performance yourself. Wherever you are in your career. Always available, below the button, one click away from you.

You’re in good company